As REALTORS® our clients and other industry peers see us as community leaders and the go-to person for many different topics and civic engagement is just one of them. This fall is proving to be unprecedented with a busy local real estate market, new back to school experiences for many, COVID-19 and the upcoming elections (local, state and federal). I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about a couple of ways you can engage in the community this fall season!

Respond to the U.S. Census

I encourage you to complete the 2020 U.S. Census. The data is used for a myriad of things such as where new hospitals, schools and fire departments are built. Data is also used to help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are used in communities just like Williamson County. As our area continues to show up on the top lists ­— fastest growing, best place to live and more, this data will help our leaders plan for many more years of positive growth.

It is easy and literally takes just minutes to respond to the Census and you can do it online at

Register to vote and VOTE

Registering to vote and actually voting are two of the most important actions we can take as U.S. citizens. In fact voting is a right many in the world do not have. I urge you to check your voting status and vote on Nov. 3. This year’s election is a little different due to COVID-19, (what isn’t this year?), because the local elections have been delayed until Nov. 3. This will be a full ballot with everything from local school board trustees to the President of the United States.

The deadline to register to vote in the November Election is Monday, Oct. 5. Early voting is Oct. 13 through Oct. 30. Be sure to check with your local election office for more information and a sample ballot.

These simple but very important and effective tasks are two ways you can make a difference in your community. These are also great reasons to reach out to your client database; remind your clients and other business associates to respond to the Census, register to vote and vote.