With a such a large number of people moving to our area, urban housing is offered at premium pricing. We need affordable housing solutions.

On the opening day of the inaugural Innovative Housing Showcase, June 1, 2019, Dr. Ben Carson stated “During this month, we are reminded that homes are not simply physical structures — they are social, cultural and economic engines. They are where families are raised, and communities are interconnected. Housing problems are fundamentally human problems  — and ultimately, that is the bottom line that truly matters. That’s why, in response to the affordable housing crisis facing our country, new construction technologies and development techniques play a pivotal role in lowering the cost of production and increasing the affordability of new homes for millions of hard-working Americans.”

Some of the new and innovative ways to get affordable housing include (but are not limited to) 3D printed houses, Boxabls, IndieDwell, container homes, tiny homes on wheels as well as stationery.

Austin, Texas has the very first permitted and printed 3D home in America printed by ICON. The company has completed a whole community in Mexico to help house the homeless and are partnering with Mobile Loaves and Fishes and Cielo Property Group to build out Community First! Village to also help house the homeless with dignity. ICON (located in Austin) develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials. https://www.iconbuild.com/

Boxabls are built in a precision factory environment from cutting edge materials and are packed with the latest technology. This means your building will be stronger, last longer and be more energy efficient. They are bug resistant, fire resistant, as well as water, wind and mold resistant and can be delivered to your location and set up in one day. https://www.boxabl.com/

indieDwell builds modular, affordable housing solutions that are energy efficient, sustainable, healthy and durable. indieDwell builds from a set of modules that can stand alone as a single family home or be combined to make attached homes (duplex or fourplex) or even a commercial multi-family apartment building. https://www.indiedwell.com/

Piedmont Green specializes in creating container homes that are customized to meet your unique needs, all while providing you with a stylish, affordable home. These homes meet all building requirements but offer a much faster construction time. These factory-made homes can be prefabricated before being installed on-site, resulting in less mess, hassle and construction on your land. Boasting steel cores and a modern, sleek design, these custom homes are incredibly durable, highly energy efficient and built to last. https://greenvilleaffordablehousing.com/

You can even purchase tiny home kits that you build yourself from Amazon. Some even have free shipping! https://amzn.to/2JllUyF

Along with the need for purchasing affordable homes is the need for more affordable rental properties. Some people have decided to gather several friends or acquaintances and do a communal rental where all parties share in the cost of the rent, utilities and groceries. We have seen this in the Austin metro area for quite some time, due to having so many students attending the University of Texas.

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