And … just like that … we blinked our eyes and find ourselves in a new year. For many real estate agents, vendors and professionals, the new year births optimism and opportunity. Indeed, many have started new positions or have made a change to the firm where they are affiliated. Some who are reading this article even find themselves just entering this wonderful profession in which we labor. 

 The ability to manage change is paramount to success in real estate. The ability to manage change with a sense of agility is even more crucial as we find ourselves working in an extremely fluid and dynamic environment. Across Williamson County, we see some of the most robust appreciation of property values intersecting with the most constricted inventory in our history. This means that all professionals have to change the way that they manage customers and clients. 

Here Are Three Tips To Help You

1. Manage data and information

Never before has there been a time when having the most complete, accurate and real time data has had more importance. Consumers are finding properties before we are. Different MLS systems have different rules around coming soon, 8.0 and syndication. The entry of Mega-Big Box Brokerages is on the horizon. For you as an agent, it is critical that you have access to the most data and information you have to solidify your role as a competent expert in the field.

2. Manage expectations

As we start the new year in the midst of a pandemic, consumers of real property are at heightened levels of stress. Couple that stress with the reality of our current market environment and each transaction takes on a potentially explosive mixture. As a REALTOR® or other real property professional, you must learn to manage the consumer’s expectations from the beginning.  Answer up front questions like “When will I hear from you?,” “What should we expect in a multiple offer situation?,” and “What does this process look like?”

3. Manage yourself

It is easy to get in a rut. The New year’s resolutions you may have made will probably fade. Be real with yourself and check in on your physical and mental health. Take time for yourself, your family, your community and your business. Get deliberate about how you function every day.

At Williamson County REALTORS, we are excited about what lies ahead. We believe 2021 will could be the greatest year of your professional real estate career. As always, we are available for you. Simply reach out and we will serve how we can.

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