With an array of mortgage solutions and products, BancorpSouth Mortgage has become a go-to lender for commercial and residential mortgage loans of varying levels of complexity. Backed by a full-service bank, BancorpSouth Mortgage operates with the power of a large bank but with local processors and closers who understand the Austin market.

“We work with all types of commercial and residential mortgage clients because we can do all types of loans,” says John Varner, mortgage loan officer. “One of the things that sets us apart is our range of products, including portfolio loans, first time buyer loans, special loans for doctors, high net-worth loans, home equity loans, refinancing and many more.”

“BancorpSouth mortgage also has some products that our competitors don’t, such as competitive land financing and 100-percent condo financing,” says Mick Donohoe, mortgage loan officer.

Serving the Greater Austin area, BancorpSouth Mortgage has two loan production offices in the city, as well as 35 bank branches throughout central Texas. “Our local footprint allows us to run like an old school mortgage company with local processors and closers, but we have the backing and power of a big bank,” Varner says.

When it comes to success, BancorpSouth strives to always remain committed to “the four p’s,” which stand for people, products, pricing and processes. “At BancorpSouth mortgage, we have a great team of people, wide range of products, competitive pricing, and strong processes,” Varner says. “We are all really seasoned and know what we’re doing. Because of these 4 p’s, realtors often come to us because we are able to tackle the tougher deals. After seeing how well we handle them, they start working with us regularly on all types of deals.”

Donohoe and Varner, who each have over 20 years of mortgage experience, have become experts in upholding BancorpSouth’s commitment to excellent people, products, pricing and processes. “We have become known as the go-to loan officers if something can’t get done,” says Donohoe. “Ultimately, we are solution providers. If we have a customer who isn’t able to get a loan done successfully, we are able to tell them how to do it or where to go.”

As changes arise the mortgage world and Austin communities, BancorpSouth has been quick to adapt. “We’ve seen how impactful social media marketing is for realtors and developed a variety of courses to help them increase their reach and top of funnel” Donohoe says. “We currently offer private classes for individual companies, but plan to offer to the public soon.

Varner adds that because of Austin’s hot real estate market, they’ve seen an uptick in some loan types. “We have seen a lot more construction lending due to a lack of inventory in the market,” he says. “Because we have a lot of flexibility with our products, we also offer purchase and renovation loans as the same time for homebuyers looking to tackle a home remodel.”

When choosing a mortgage lender, BancorpSouth has become a go-to choice because of their flexible portfolio of products and processes that ensure a clean, easy transaction, no matter how difficult or complex.

“Not only does our team have the expertise and knowledge, but we also have the portfolio piece which differentiates us from many other lenders across town. Because of this, I’m constantly getting business from other lenders,” Donohoe says.

Varner agrees saying, “Our flexible portfolio gives us the ability to offer a variety of products, so other loan officers come to us for help completing a loan. In addition, we are always communicating and available to talk to our clients, and our processes are butter smooth. We want to get things done efficiently, which is why we send non-notarized closing documents ahead of time to speed up the closing process time. It’s all of the little things that add up to a smooth transaction.”

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