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Randolph Texas Development: From years of being a home builder, President Randy Rollo saw a need and worked hard to fill it. After working in the homebuilding industry with private builders and public homebuilding companies and several years as a custom homebuilder, Randy understood the challenges when trying to find available land and lots for homebuilders. Shifting gears, Randy began acquiring and developing lots in 2013. In 2018, Randy launched Randolph Texas Development (RTX) and has been on a fast track ever since. 

Bringing in his sons Grant and Will, Randy maintains the same family-oriented business culture as the ranchers from whom he buys the land. Vice President Grant Rollo shares, “We’re a family company, so we’ve been very blessed to honor the tradition that a rancher or homesteader had and carry it forward with our goal of creating a more family-focused community.”

Coming from a commercial development and construction background, Grant was excited to return to Austin, where he was born and raised, to join his father in creating the exact kind of environment that he and his wife were looking for. Handling the acquisition, entitlements, and legal responsibilities of all of its projects, Grant appreciates the company’s mission of building a product in the community where families want to live and raise their kids. 

Will Rollo, director of Operations, joined the small company, rounding out the team’s capabilities and mission of bringing families together. Will manages all Construction-related activities, including land planning, design, amenities, and land development. RTX’s flagship project, Lariat, located in Liberty Hill, Texas, revolves around the motto, “Back to Basics.” Grant explains that everything within that community is created “to bring people outside. At the end of the day, we want moms and dads to take their kids outside, use the amenities like walking nature trails and the pond stocked with fish, meet their neighbors, and engage — going back to everything that’s beautiful about society.”

Generally speaking, RTX works to find development opportunities outside of Austin, where they often find the most amazing untapped resources, in areas where growth is expected and anticipate the demands for it before it even happens. Each of the members of the small team wears many hats, giving them the ability to achieve timely results and benefitting all other participants in the development process. From raw land to complete entitlements, land planners, and the engineers to complete design and development, RTX prides itself on developing long-standing, solid relationships with home builders, contractors, surveyors, and project managers.

In alignment with its strong foundation in family, its roots are firmly planted in each of its development properties. For example, the city of Liberty Hill, ranked one of the best places to live in Texas, is attractive to residents for many reasons, especially its small-town charm. RTX wants to contribute to the culture and environment they are helping to create and does so by sponsoring market days, holiday events, and local fundraising and youth sporting events. 

Aside from its appeal as a land development manager, it is that small-town, family-run, and operated company that motivates Randolph Texas Development to develop unique communities. Knowing how to preserve the integrity of the land, maintaining the heritage that made it beautiful before a piece of dirt was ever moved from its original state in a way that creates opportunities for new families 

For additional information, please e-mail@info@randolphtexas.com.

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