Empowering Growth: Reflections From National Conference

As a seasoned REALTOR and president of the local Women’s Council chapter, I’m thrilled to share insights from the recent National Conference. This collaborative event marked a pivotal moment in our organization’s history, leaving us energized and equipped to navigate the future of real estate.

Mastering Negotiation with “Ask Like an Auctioneer”

The conference kicked off with a captivating keynote by Dia Bondi, renowned for her empowering “Ask Like an Auctioneer” initiative. Her session, “Never Leaving Money or Opportunities on the Table,” was a masterclass in negotiation. Bondi seamlessly blended the assertiveness of an auctioneer with the finesse of a seasoned negotiator, equipping us with invaluable tools to maximize our potential in every deal.

Finding Serenity in the Hustle: Embracing “Bringing Calm to Chaos”

J’aime Nowak, another esteemed speaker, delivered an insightful presentation titled “Bringing Calm to Chaos.” She delved into practical strategies for reducing stress, optimizing efficiency, and ultimately, achieving more, while navigating the demands of our high-pressure field. Nowak’s message served as a timely reminder of the crucial role self-care plays in sustaining success in our industry.

Celebrating 85 Years of Trailblazing: Honoring the Legacy of Women’s Council

This conference also marked a monumental occasion: the 85th anniversary of the Women’s Council. The session “Honor the Legacy of Women’s Council” was an emotional and powerful tribute to the pioneers who paved the way for our success. We celebrated the contributions of certified networks, PMN designees, and Leadership Institute graduates, all of whom have played critical roles in advancing our profession.

A Network of Strength and Synergy: Uniting Women in Real Estate

As the conference concluded, I couldn’t help but reflect on the immense privilege of serving as the local Women’s Council president. This network serves as a beacon of support, learning, and growth for women in real estate, its impact truly inspiring and empowering. The camaraderie and collective wisdom shared within this group are unparalleled, and I am immensely proud to be a part of it.

The National Conference was more than just an event; it was a celebration of our collective strengths, a recognition of the challenges we face, and a roadmap for future success. We walk away with renewed vigor, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support to excel in our industry.

Beyond the Conference: Building on a Legacy of Success

As members of this esteemed network, we remain committed to never leaving money or opportunities on the table, to finding calm amidst the professional chaos, and to honoring the legacy of those who paved the way for our success. Together, we continue to build on this incredible foundation, making a lasting impact in the world of real estate.

My sincere privilege and honor lie in continuing to support the incoming board in their future endeavors. I have no doubt that 2024 will be a year of unparalleled growth and achievements for the Women’s Council.

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