Sitterle Homes

A unique builder with a distinct product design, Sitterle Homes specializes in crafting top-of-the-line garden, multi-generational, estate, townhomes, and traditional homes. These residences come packed with luxury features, all nestled in the Greater Austin Area.

Comparatively a small builder, Sitterle Homes was founded over 60 years ago by Frank Sitterle Senior. Operating in seven distinct communities across Austin, this local and family-owned business is deeply integrated into the community where the Sitterle family has worked, lived, and prospered. Whether designing homes for new families, those over 55, or young professionals, each community is crafted to appeal to fellow Texans with amenities tailored to enhance their lifestyle.

Annually, Sitterle Homes constructs about 100 new homes in the Austin area, distinguished by several key attributes that set them apart as leaders in the builder and developer marketplace:

– High Standards of Quality: Sitterle Homes maintains a high quality standard in each home they design and build, evident in the craftsmanship of each property.

– Timeless Designs: Keeping abreast of current trends, Sitterle offers home designs that are both timeless and appealing to today’s and tomorrow’s homebuyers.

– Trending Designs: Architectural design distinguishes a Sitterle Home from other builders in the area. The foundation of Sitterle Homes is designing products that cater to the lifestyles and preferences of homeowners, fostering a loyalty that encourages buyers to return as they move through life’s stages.

– Personalization: With an in-house architectural staff, Sitterle can offer extensive personalization options, enabling homeowners to design and create spaces they adore. From an extra bedroom to a hobby studio or other personal requests, Sitterle Homes offers more flexibility for customization than traditional production builders.

Ashley McKee, marketing director for the Austin Division of Sitterle Homes, has contributed six years to the company and consistently ensures that the legacy of Sitterle Homes remains a central focus of their marketing efforts. “We offer several different product lines and features across the many communities where we develop and build,” Ms. McKee explains. “Each neighborhood receives a marketing approach customized to the buyer demographic specific to that area.” Whether it’s a young family seeking an exceptional school district, empty-nesters looking to downsize and enjoy life, or couples seeking conveniences and outdoor recreation, Sitterle Homes designs and crafts homes that meet the unique needs and preferences of each buyer.

For homebuyers uninterested in the amenities of developed communities, and possessing land within a 30-mile radius of the greater Austin area — from Salado to Horseshoe Bay — Sitterle can assist in building from their diverse range of unique styles. They also aid with the permitting process and leverage their extensive network of trade relationships.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there has been a surge in demand for the personalization of existing homes in the Austin area, particularly with Sitterle Homes. “With the pressure of staying at home and the surge in remote work, many homeowners realized they weren’t in love with their current homes,” McKee notes, which has driven robust sales of new homes and customizations in recent years.

The distinctive design and high standards of Sitterle Homes place them at a higher price point than some competitors, but homebuyers are assured they are not purchasing a cookie-cutter home. Instead, they acquire a residence proudly bearing the Sitterle Homes Seal of Excellence.

REALTORS: Learn more about the variety of unique options and product types at Sitterle Homes by visiting From cottages to townhomes to larger residences, Sitterle Homes is eager to collaborate with you to bring your buyers into one of our communities. With a unique product in each neighborhood, Sitterle Homes has much to offer. Let’s assist homebuyers together!

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