Strategic Moves: How ABoR, Unlock MLS Support Agents Amidst Transition

The next few months are a critical period for your business and our marketplace. NAR has set a deadline of August 17, 2024, for the settlement-required MLS rules and broker business practice changes to take effect locally.

My brokerage is preparing by updating our business practices and forms to align with the required changes and building in time to train our agents. By the time you read this, Unlock MLS will have released a wave of events, resources, and education tracks to help everyone navigate this transition. It’s both encouraging and empowering to know that my association and MLS are providing the support I need to confidently and smoothly navigate this important transition.

It’s also reassuring to know that I have what I need to keep my business running strong during this period. Your ABoR and Unlock MLS Boards of Directors have been hard at work this year to roll out many FREE benefits and discounts to enhance your business, save time, and ultimately sell more homes in 2024.

ABoR & Unlock MLS Benefits Released Since January

You can learn more about all these benefits, including how to sign up, from the homepage.

January: Key Reciprocity

Your MLS provides automatic access to Supra lockboxes in the San Antonio and Houston MLS areas. You can access and show properties from Uvalde to Galveston, covering nearly 70 percent of the Texas housing market. That’s an expansion of almost 50,000 active properties. Wow!

February: Forewarn

I love this app! Forewarn allows users to access vital insights on prospective clients in seconds using either a phone number or name. You can verify details such as identity, phone numbers, address history, financial indicators, property records, and nationwide criminal history.

March: Matrix 11.2.3 & New Search

The recent update to Matrix 11.2.3 brought a much cleaner design and a greatly improved search module. I will admit, it took me a minute (yes, your president!) to get used to these changes, and I was tempted to stay in “classic mode.” But it’s important to lean into change to keep your competitive edge sharp. I encourage you to block some time this month to get to know the new search—perhaps by signing up for a free MLS training on

April: CubiCasa CubiCasa CubiCasa!

Unlock MLS subscribers have FREE access to CubiCasa to create accurate 2D and 3D listing floorplans in minutes, straight from their phones! Leverage the Cubicasa app to create more powerful listings, impress your clients, and sell homes faster. Add Those to the Amazing Benefits We Already Offer!

Economic Data & Research Reports

Our most recent report, “The Impact of Minimum Lot Size on Housing,” examines the impact of minimum lot size on Austin’s housing supply and affordability and focuses on the potential effects that reducing Austin’s minimum lot size can have on housing affordability.

You can expect more research releases throughout the year from ABoR and Unlock MLS Housing Economist Dr. Clare Knapp, including weekly episodes of the Driving It Home podcast! View research reports at and tune into the podcast weekly at

Free Inman Select and Austin Business Journal Access

As you know, the industry is experiencing some changes. Thankfully, we’ve got ways to stay connected with the latest developments in our marketplace and our industry. ABoR members have free access to both Inman Select and the Austin Business Journal! Don’t miss out on the next breaking news in the industry by activating your free accounts at

Apply for the 2025 Board of Directors

One of the most overlooked, yet most powerful, ABoR benefits is the career-building leadership opportunities that being a member of our community provides. Are you ready to go big? Applications to serve on the 2025 ABoR & Unlock MLS Boards of Directors are open until Friday, May 31.

I cannot speak highly enough about the positive experiences, growth opportunities, and connections I’ve made throughout my time on the Board. It’s single-handedly the best way to stay connected in our industry. Join me in serving and step into leadership with YOUR Association and MLS by applying at

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