Reflecting On A Year of Connection

As my tenure as President of the Austin Board of REALTORS® draws to a close, I am honored to share reflections on a year marked by remarkable achievements and profound growth. When beginning my presidency, I envisioned 2023 as a pivotal ‘Year of Connection.’ I wanted to foster an environment where ABoR and Unlock MLS served as vital connectors, empowering our members with the right tools at the right time to elevate their businesses continuously.

Helping our members access and build on these connections has become a core part of who I am as a leader. I’m ecstatic to say that this year has seen some incredible new connections forged, including:

• Unlock MLS Brand Launch: A momentous occasion, we introduced the long-awaited Unlock MLS brand, featuring a cutting-edge mobile app and an impactful consumer awareness campaign.

• Strategic Addition: Dr. Clare Losey, ABoR’s inaugural housing economist, joined us. This addition catalyzed the launch of a new market research arm and the Driving It Home podcast, enriching our members with invaluable insights every week.

• Advocacy Triumphs: We celebrated several major wins in advocacy, striving to make housing in Austin more accessible and affordable for all.

• Global Expansion: ABoR Global achieved significant milestones by representing Austin in international real estate forums in Calgary, Canada, and Paris, France. Our crowning achievement was securing the Global Association of the Year award at the recent NAR ceremony.

In the face of industry uncertainties, I believe that every challenge harbors opportunities and success is attainable in any market landscape. My years of volunteering with ABoR have taught me that we excel in finding opportunities within disruptions, guiding our members toward success on their own terms. This is what sets ABoR apart as one of the most innovative REALTOR® associations in the country.

As I step aside, I encourage each of you to persist in learning, stay engaged, and perpetuate the tradition of forging meaningful connections within ABoR. Together, we are poised for an exciting and prosperous future, and I anticipate the continued success of our incredible organization.

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